Editor:  Hishma Shah

Fashion Editor: Natalia Dodi

Green Pebbles Magazine A Passion For Luxury Fashion, Watches & Lifestyle is a Geneva Switzerland based online magazine  covering  the whole spectrum of the fashion, luxury and watch and jewellery markets, travel, lifestyle and food.  From catwalk shows, to news, to emerging designers, emerging brands and analysis of fashion trends all the way to lifestyle, food and travel.

Written in a fun, easy going, and reader friendly fashion, it aims to cover what the Green Pebbles team loves and enjoys.  A different and informative way of looking at fashion and luxury goods in general and a great vehicle for emerging brands in these sectors, which might not necessarily make it onto other more ‘sophisticated’ media.

The magazine is supported by its own Facebook page as well as its Twitter account where the it post our latest news, articles and interviews.

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