Hansine: Bohemian Luxury

World Radio Switzerland “Style File” host Hansine Johnston launches bohemian collection “Hansine” at iconic “Septième Etage”

It was the perfect day for Hansine Johnston to launch her Bohemian inspired dress collection in Geneva, aptly called HANSINE. The iconic boutique Septième Etage, hosted the event and once you stepped inside, you were immediately transported to the shores of Rio de Janeiro with the soft samba beats and the divine caipirinha’s.  There was even a photo wall with a bejewelled flower headdress that would have made Carmen Miranda jealous.

Hansine Johnston wearing a dress from her collection at Septième Etage in Geneva


Hansine is somewhat of a fashion icon in and around the Geneva area, she has been the host of the popular WRS radio show the Style File for the last 16 years. So, she knows a thing or two about fashion and has cultivated her own signature style. Largely due to her multicultural background and upbringing. Born and raised by her very stylish Greek grandmother and mother before settling down in the UK. She is half Danish, part Greek and part English with a dash Irish thrown in for good measure.

After lots of prodding from various people, Hansine chose to step out on her own and launch her brand!

Hansine is an avid traveller and the bespoke patterns are inspired by far flung destinations such as Bali, Brazil, and Africa. She has been extremely involved in the design process, making sure everything is ‘just right’.


There are four different designs in this first collection and they are all fantastic! Designed to flatter all body types and all insanely comfortable. You can wear them over your swimsuit and after,  they can easily transition from the beach to dinner and drinks by layering on one of the collections gorgeous knits and adding a necklace or two and you are ready for your next adventure!

We are ready, are you?