“Here at CRU we’re thrilled to be rolling out what we believe to be the best way to enjoy the finest quality ‘home brew’ coffee available. We firmly believe that taste should not be sacrificed in the name of convenience. In particular we have always felt that the entire pre-packaged coffee pod process could be done in a more thoughtful and earth-friendly way, which is why we use a fully recyclable pod to house our exceptional blend. Our aim is to take on the coffee giants by appealing to those who truly value the importance of shopping for organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products. Being the only company in the UK that has Organic and Fair-Trade coffee in biodegradable Nespresso computable capsules gives us a great point of differentiation in the marketplace. We believe that CRU Kafe offers the best way to enjoy the finest quality ‘single serve’ coffee” – Founding Partner Colin Pyle

Created by three coffee enthusiast friends in 2013, CRU Kafe is an exciting new brand, challenging the ethics and sustainability of coffee giants like Nespresso by using only the best high altitude, organic and fair-trade coffee, resulting in a blend unlike any other. The unique grounds are then packaged inside eco-friendly Nespresso compatible pods and delivered direct to customers’ doors.

Founded by former model and LSE Graduate, Bodil Blain, entrepreneur Colin Pyle, and chef John Quilter, CRU Kafe was born out of a desire to have great coffee at home that was ethical and easy to make. When Bodil caught her friend stuffing great quality coffee grounds into an empty coffee capsule to fit in her Nespresso machine, she recognised that other brands on the market just weren’t offering great quality tasting and conscientious coffee, so she decided to make her own.

coffee2Made up of four individual blends, the CRU Kafe range boasts distinct and complex flavours that result from the beans being grown at high altitude. The five blends include:

  • Light Roast (a delicate blend of 100% Arabica beans with hints of biscuit and caramel);
  •  Dark Roast (a stronger blend for those who like a rich flavour. Using only the best quality and high altitude Arabica beans from Brazil, Peru and Ethiopia);
  • Intense (a concentrated dark roast espresso, full bodied and powerful in flavour);
  • Decaf (delicate and sweet in the cup. The bean has a well-rounded taste, but with reduced caffeine).

The team also releases rotating beans and grounds of the best organic, fairtrade Arabica coffee that they can find. Currently they have Honduras (An Arabica bean grown amongst the cloud forests of Honduras. Medium, smooth roast with a Sweet vanilla essence and a hazelnut roasted chocolate flavour);

CRU Kafe works only with specialised producers and farmers from Ethiopia, Peru, Mexico, Tanzania and Indonesia. All partners employ traditional, certified organic farming methods, harvesting and processing the beans in an eco-friendly fashion. They share CRU’s belief that a love of coffee and a respect for the planet need not be mutually exclusive. As a result, all of CRU’s coffee is 100% natural and free from any chemicals or 2

  • CRU Kafe price per capsule is £0.29p excluding P&P
  • CRU Kafe delivers across Europe and the Middle East

In addition to its unique Nespresso compatible eco-pods, CRU Kafe also offers its signature blends in whole bean form. Whether customers choose the pods or the whole bean they can purchase CRU’s coffee individually or as part of a subscription deal.

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