Exclusive, one-of-a-kind work of art encompassing Swiss craftsmanship, expertise and heritage.

Alexandra Frei-Mikl was born in Tirol in Austria and was fascinated by the goldsmith’s trade from a very young age.  This passion took her to study at the university of Goldsmiths in Ferlach where she honed her skills.  It was, as luck would have it, a job opportunity which encouraged her to move to Switzerland where she met her husband Matthias Frei and the couple founded the goldsmith atelier OBSESSION.88b5f120e6ae8d190c229fe65a8b57f4_1427817659

The atelier‘s name is certainly reflected in the couples obsession with rendering your day to day time pieces into timeless works of art.  They work closely with each client making every dream come true through custom-made bracelets and watches.  Each and every aspect is taken into consideration, nothing is left to chance.a283197764824aed50b633b998eb7eca_1427817772

As each smallest component is dismantled with care and respect, it is then given a new life and reassembled, this time with the ‘OBSESSION’ touch.  The result is nothing short of a small miracle!

obsessions 5

A client’s heirloom which had been set aside in a box in one’s closest was brought back to life in the Obsession atelier.  

From the drawing board to the setting of 400 diamonds and 69 sapphires, to the final delivery took approximately 121 hours of work.

The result: an exclusive one-of-a-kind work of art encompassing Swiss craftsmanship, expertise and heritage.  Luxury at its very finest.

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