Well,  it’s finally here…..
The Moynat Réjane Saddle Bag, the latest work of art to join the iconic Réjane bag family for the chic and urban style launches this month.  As the saddle bag becomes a must have for all fashionista’s this autumn, then the Réjane has to be the must-have of must-haves!

© Moynat – Vogue Paris – Andreea Diaconu par Gilles Bensimon

In 2011, Ramesh Nair, the artistic director of Moynat chose to reinstate the Réjane bag which is the most emblematic creation of the house thanks to its very Parisian spirit. 

The Réjane has the clean and pure lines with sensuality, which reminisce the delicate curves of the Moynat trunks; the intricate details and finishing, which requires the highest quality leathers and 20 working hours by the hands of an experienced artisan. 

The rounded bijou closure, which is a re-edition of an original Art Deco piece, pays a discrete and refined homage to the influences that have determined the history of Moynat: the city of Paris (the Art Deco period, a promise of the exceptional French savoir-faire) and the theatre world (Gabrielle Réjane, Moynat’s most renowned muse). 
Made of the Barenia leather, one of the most precious natural leathers you can find in France. It gains beautiful patina as it ages. Fine scratches can easily be rubbed off with the fingers or sponge. 

Actress Gabrille Réjane – Pauline Moynat’s Muse
As one of the most renowned actresses of Belle Epoque and muse to couture houses including Poiret, Gabrielle Réjane became a dedicated fan, inspiring Pauline Moynat to design the first line of women’s handbags at the end of the 19th century, thus pioneering a modern approach to travel for women. 
The talented and adventurous actress was well known for being a woman of character, full of charm and humour; gained huge success not only in Paris but also on the stages of London and New York. At the beginning of 20th century, Moynat created the Réjane bag in her honour, which was the first handbag ever to be named after a star of its time.   

The very first Réjane bag