VENICE: home of carnival, canals, masks, pleasure, leisure, the church, Casanova, the Biennale, the Venetian lion, the Rialto Bridge, the eccentric, the sophisticated and the tourist souvenir. 

What better place to host and inspire the first collection from Nicola Formichetti as Artistic Director of Diesel? 

With this foundational collection, Diesel celebrates the first anniversary of Nicola Formichetti’s role with the brand and his working relationship with Diesel’s founder, Renzo Rosso. It is a collection that, in many ways, looks back to look forward, that has its roots in the city of Venice, but just like the city and Diesel itself, essentially has a global view. 

“I was always interested in fashion from the street and Diesel is about that. I grew up with Diesel,” says Nicola Formichetti. “This collection is almost like going back to where I began as a stylist, when I first moved from Italy to London; being young, looking at global fashion from Italy, Japan and London, all places where the street was key. I wanted to have that feeling back, that Nineties feeling of a world of possibilities, that feeling when I discovered Diesel. It was fun, it was fashion and non-fashion – it was beyond fashion.”

The collection is built upon three of the timeless ‘Diesel Icons’: Leather-Rock ‘n’ Roll, Denim and Military-Utility. These three pillars are intrinsic to Diesel and are a part of the foundations of the brand today. Capturing the youthful spirit of the brand and its distinct take of ‘Italiano-Americana’, as well as a nod to late nineties London nightlife, it is the global language of ‘alternative style’ that is explored, both inspired by and inspiring for Diesel. 

“A big part of Diesel is about collaboration and creativity, it is one of the things I like most about it. And as Renzo says, Diesel’s not about fashion, it’s about creativity” explains Nicola Formichetti.