The beautiful locations of Marciana Alta and Poggio, on the stunning Island of Elba in the Mediterranean Sea Tuscan Archipelago,  were chosen by international fashion and lifestyle photographer Jason Knott as a backdrop for luxury lingerie company SHELL BELLE COUTURE ’s Golden Era Collection Spring Summer 2014 photo shoot.

Romanian model Catalina Mirita (Gabi Models) was the star of the photo shoot as she acted the role of a young model getting ready to go to the beach to party. 

Michelle Blenkinsopp Founder and Creator ofSHELL BELLE COUTURE was delighted by her whole experience on the island and the outcome!

It proved to be a perfect decision to hold our new season Shell Belle Couture Photo shoot on Elba, the island is incredibly beautiful and made the most gorgeous setting for our vintage styled collections.”

“It was a lot of fun to be racing around Elba with the crew from one stunning location to another and we made some friends and stirred a few crowds along the way, with friendly locals helping out where they could supplying electricity and a helping hand and of course our lovely adopted Florentina (about 13 yrs old) who spent the afternoon helping us look after the collection,  re-find locations in the winding villages and went on invaluable water runs for the crew. Thank you Florentina! 

The prettiest most luxurious island that I hope to return to soon! Thank you Elba our images are simply divine!”

Shell Belle Couture also showed several pieces of its collections at the Unconventional Fashion District  – Mediterranean Dreams Fashion Show held on the Island of Elba on the 6th July.