Nicola Formichetti’s vision as Artistic Director of DIESEL continues to evolve with the campaign for Spring/Summer 2014 and we’re loving it!

It all began with the Fall Winter 2013  #DIESELREBOOT campaign which became viral in a matter of weeks.  

Since then the team at Diesel has been scouring the globe for gangs, cliques, families, and tribes in order to find creative microcultures that represent the bravery and ingenuity of the Diesel brand. 

Artists, musicians, models, writers, editors, students, and Internet creatives who all share the same idealsto promote artistry, to live and be accepted as oneself, to reject the status quo, and to change points of view through imagerywere chosen for the Spring Summer 2014 campaign!  

Hardly your classic model types – but exceedingly innovative and ‘cool’ nonetheless!

The message of the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign is that you are not alone. 

It’s about finding your community online but then stepping offline into a physical reality. 

It’s about a place where you are understood, where you belong, where you are truly you.

According to Diesel we are hard wired to be tribes, are never really alone, WE ARE CONNECTED.