“‘Tis the season to be merry….tralalalalaaaa”….. and nowhere are we merrier than in ‘Louboutin’s Universe‘ complete with shooting stars, revolving planets and of course the Master’s latest arrivals for pre-collection!

If any of you have passed by one of the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN windows then retrace your steps and stand in awe as the storefronts are transformed into a twinkling night sky with the Loubi Solar Systemfront stage. 

The structure is inspired by the intricate mechanisms and dials of clocks as well as ancient celestial planispheres

It playfully puts the sun and planets into motion with rotating wheels, moving them in slow circular rotation and serving as displays for the red sole creations

The background is dotted with stars cleverly compose special CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN constellations, outlining shapes of the iconic women’s and men’s shoes and bags.

If you can’t get to a CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN store than the designer has thought of everything and the theme has been ‘transposed’ onto all the brand’s digital platforms!

The stellar window designs will also be reflected on CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN’s digital platforms including facebook, twitter (where you can follow Louboutin’s designs in the night sky on #ChristiansConstellations) and Youtube.. not forgetting Chinese Weibo!