The Green Pebbles Girls have quite a number of readers in Japan who started following MOYNAT’s travels when we started writing about the Maison early 2012.  

So it is with a sense of pride that we report that those who have visited the MOYNAT travelling Trunk Show at the ISETAN SHINJUKU  in TOKYO, JAPAN have described it as sensational!

More importantly they were able to see (and feel) first hand what we were talking about when we tried to explain the sense of pure luxuriousness one experienced when in the presence of a MOYNAT.

Moynat Trunk Show at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan

The temporary ‘atelier’ designed by Gwenael Nicolas, artistic director of CURIOSITY (a Tokyo based architectural and graphic design practice) was inspired by what the Maison described as “a luxurious Parisian patisserie, offering the irresistible temptation of Moynat handbags“.

The centrepiece is a stunning Macaron Trunk (La Malle Macaron) inspired by the award winning “Entrepneu” trunk, created by Moynat in the early 1900’s to fit into the centre of an automobile’s spare tyre. This patented trunk was meant to be multi-functional, serving as a storage compartment, as a hatbox, and even as an impromptu bathtub on extended journeys!  

Moynat’s Creative Director Ramesh Nair has once again reinterpreted Moynat’s history masterfully!

Moynat’s La Malle Macaron

If you are in Tokyo, or are due to visit until the 25th of December then you cannot miss out on your chance to experience ‘the MOYNAT EXPERIENCE’ trust us you will not be disappointed!