It just would not be Christmas if the Green Pebbles Girls didn’t add SMYTHSON to their xmas wish list!   

This season we would love for Santa to ‘think pink’ and aside from the ‘we love SMYTHSON ‘ pink heart keyring it would just be grand if he was so kind as to pop the following pink bags and accessories under our Xmas tree!  Afterall if Audrey Hepburn ‘believed in pink’ you can bet your bottom dollar the Green Pebbles Girls believe in it too!

A rather practical yet fabulously pink SMYTHSON North South Tote in natural goatskin with a matching removable pouch and of course the Chameleon Collection large purse (you seriously cannot give one without the other… ça va sans dire!) which will make getting those credit cards out all the more merry;

A glamorous iPad Air Sleeve in fuschia crossgrain and smooth light grey calf leather – we know ‘safe grey’ seems to be a trend when flying with business executives but as you probably guessed we like to stand out from the ‘grey crowd’!

A must have super pink passport carrier – oh yes the Green Pebbles Girls will be rather busy scouring the post xmas sales all over the globe in December and January and there’s nothing like a touch of glamorous pink to help grab the air hostess’ attention when desperately running to catch one’s plane as the gates shut!

….. and last but by no means least a ‘can’t miss it even if you tried’ luggage label!  An absolute must when trying to pick out your bag from all the other designer bags going round and round at arrivals and you have a taxi to catch!
To purchase your very own SMYTHSON visit the SMYTHSON online store and choose from their very own selection of magical gifts for us girls or for gentlemen !