The Green Pebbles Girls have a rather ‘summery’ gift idea for xmas this year.  Our trip to the Island of Elba for the Unconventional Fashion District Mediterranean Dreams Fashion Show allowed us to meet with one of the founders of local perfume company “ACQUA DELL’ELBA “.

Acqua dell’Elba founders

Set up in the late 1990s in the  ancient seafaring town of Marciana Marina, a favorite with Italian and Swiss VIPs (Michelle Hunziker has vacationed there on several occasions and it is also the Summer home of fashion legend Trussardi) and the Green Pebbles Girls of course.

ACQUA DELL’ELBA  now boasts 19 mono brand stores on the Island of Elba, storesin Venice and Como, over 300 retailers across the country and more recently astand at Milan’s iconic La Rinascente.  

Visiting the stores is an luxurious experience in itself.  The interior design of the monobrand stores perfectly complements the essence of the brand.

Acqua dell’Elba store
(image via TE News)
From its turquoise ceramic floors, to its dark wooden furniture the interior design and decor is essential, elegant and refined.  

When you walk into an ACQUA DELL’ELBA  store you are immediately and magically transported onto the Island of Elba, through its colours and its odours.

Acqua dell’Elba’s Profumi D’Ambiente

The Green Pebbles Girls’ absolute favorite gift idea has to be the brand’s “Profumi d’Ambiente” , a fabulous line for perfuming interiors.  

The beauty of the Profumi d’Ambiente bottles and the mesmerising, yet never-over-powering perfume, is the closest that one can get to what has been described as olfactive décor!  

An original gift idea which will have the receiver’s home or office smelling of Elba for months!

Acqua dell’Elba perfumed chalks

If you are looking for a pretty stocking filler idea then you can choose from the brand’s latest shell shaped perfumed chalks (fabulous idea for those knicker drawers or even to replace your pot-pourri!), or marvellous candles.

After the success of its perfume, the brand’s team has recently launched a set of new products.  A new perfume and an innovative new unisex line ACQUA DELL’ELBA  BLU with unisex eau de toilette and eau de parfum, body cream, shower gel and aftershave, soap and wet wipes.

Acqua dell’Elba Gift Idea

Acqua dell’Elba Scented Candles

For those of you who are keen environmentalists you’ll be delighted to know that ACQUA DELL’ELBA is committed to respecting the environment and recently reached an agreement with Azzero CO2 to annul the emissions of carbon dioxide derived from laboratory production as well as reducing plastic packaging to a minimum (currently at 2% it will be reduced to zero as of next year) and all materials used for packaging are recyclable.  

In addition to this ACQUA DELL’ELBA  has supported a project called “Natural Pathways” in collaboration with Legambiente set up to stimulate the appreciation of the environmental heritage through the clearing and consequent maintenance of a network of pathways which are well sign-posted and integrated with information about the surrounding countryside.

You can purchase your ACQUA DELL’ELBA products from one of their monobrand stores, stockists or online! Happy Xmas shopping!