We are over the moon  – one of our very favorite luxury beachwear brands BABAJAAN has finally launched its E-BOUTIQUE offering its collections worldwide.

Some of the collections which can now be bought online were shown at the Unconventional Fashion District Mediterranean Dreams Fashion and Founder and Creative Designer Sandra Moleirinho received a standing ovation!

From swimwear, cover ups and hats – the BABAJAAN website caters to every ‘beach’ need.

From fabulously embroidered bikinis such as the Tamara bikini and chain bikinis such as Pam to best sellers such as the Lari and Mona, including one of our favorite costumes the Tamara Embroidered Swimsuit modelled beautifully in Elba by model Catalina Mirita.

Babajaan Swimwear Modelled at the Unconventional Fashion District 
Mediterranean Dreams Fashion Show on the Island of Elba
Models: Catalina Mirita – Aida Jahic
Photos: Marta Soria
Bating suits from left to right:  Lilli Pleats, Tamara, & Patti

Credits for Babajaan Ad Campaign Images:

Photographer:  Fernando Louza
Make Up:        Neusa Neves
Model:            Charlie Dupont