HALABY‘s stand in Milan’s newest and trendsetting trade show SUPER stands out for sheer glitter and sparkles!  We just had to be there!

The collection, aptly named Queen of Africa, sees animal prints combined with intricately hand woven beading, glitter.

Gilbert Halaby gently reminds us that each piece is “Made in Italy with love and pride” 

and that 

“only Italian craftsmen and seamstresses could create something so perfect”.

HALABY has stepped up to his own challenge of testing and experimenting with colours and fabrics and he has in our opinion succeeded with flying colours with his further development of a favorite of the Green Pebbles girls the Ksenia.

HALABY Ksenia Mini Croc

The HALABY Ksenia has been declined into a variety of shapes, sizes and leather/fabric combinations.

One of our favorites is the rather splendid croc mini Ksenia…. dark chocolate, shiny superbly luxurious.

 The combines a glitter encrusted fabric with a animal print moulded PVC plastic.  The visual effect is glorious!

Halaby Ksenia Glitter

The ‘story’ is expanded into Halaby’s best sellers  – the GIL tote and the Alfa clutch. 

Available for next Spring in spectacular glitter, exciting and unconventional animal print and more!

GIL Glitter
Alfa Glitter

We also were privy to the introduction of the latest bag design by Halaby  – the Martine….


We loved the fabulous HALABY “IL GATTO SUL TETTO” totes.  Limited edition and numbered, the bags come in pairs since on each bag you have one half of the HALABY Cat.

It appears we were not the only ones, as buyers at the Super were snapping them up!

The Jewellery collection is a rainbow of colours creating Swarovski encrusted animal shaped cuffs, necklaces, earrings and brooches.

Flamingos, crabs, tortoises and The piece de resistance has to be the incredible Flamingo headpiece, which has already been commissioned by two Saudi princesses.

The two collections complement each other and Halaby astutely combines them in several instances such as with clutch where the wearer’s hand is adorned by the jewellery on the bag or the Mini Ksenia Jewel which incorporates a stunning crab brooch!