.… so Milan fashion week has begun in earnest.  The buyers are bustling by holding onto their designer handbags stuffed with line sheets and look books with one hand whilst desperately trying to hold onto to their Swarovski encrusted iPhone under their chin while they wave frantically at any object resembling a taxi that will take them to their next appointment.

Just as frenetic are the fashion journalists who you can distinguish from the buyers because instead of wearing all black (appears to be a must for buyers for some reason) they will look quite colourful.

Then enter the bloggers….. you can tell them from the journalists as they usually go around with a personal photographer (usually a boyfriend or best friend) who somewhat annoyingly takes pictures of them doing anything from holding a bag, having a coffee, putting on their lipstick etc etc or if they don’t have the luxury of a photographer they will be intent on looking for a mirror (or anything that reflects their image and what they are wearing) to take the dreaded ‘selfie’ to post on instagram  (ok we are over generalising… but you get the drift)!

All this whilst the poor milanese try desperately to get on with their lives, designers are frantically pacing up and down for the ‘diva’ model who is now 3 hours late and the catwalk show is due to start in less than 10 minutes and hair, make up and final fittings have yet to be done.

Press agents dashing from one end of a room to another trying to accommodate every whim you can think of that inevitably comes with having a ‘star’ in the front row…. whilst trying to work out how that blogger managed to sit in Miss Wintour’s seat and will not budge because she has 100000000000 hits a day, 20000000 likes on facebook and Kate Middleton follows her on instagram…..

Happy Fashion Week to all !