Moynat Limousine bag  -

There are limousines then there is the MOYNAT LIMOUSINE.…. and we can assure you that this is the limousine any girl would like to see ‘parked’ outside her doorstep as a gift!

Moynat Limousine bag  -
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Of course the inspiration behind the bag was the Moynat signature rooftop trunks of the early 1900s.  In the same way the Limousine trunk followed the lines of a car, the MOYNAT LIMOUSINE’s curved top neatly (and might we add sensually) embraces the contours of the wearer’s body.  

Add to that the turn lock key (a reminder of Moynat’s engineering achievements), the wonderfully supple Taurillon Gex leather , lined with sumptuous goatskin and voila’ you have another masterpiece from this rather fabulous Maison!

Moynat Limousine bag  -

A bit small you say?…. mais non!  Do not be deceived by this cunning bag.   Design master Ramesh Nair has managed to create a bag that looks deceptively compact but hides and incredibly generous interior.

Taupe, bleu pétrole, greige and sky blue….. which one will you be taking home this season?