LACOSTE LIVE X TEZUKA – Jungle Emperor Leo – Men’s Polo shirt Pack PH5121 © All rights reserved

LACOSTE L!VE continues its collaboration with the famous Japanese manga team Tezuka Productions. 

Tezuka’s artistic universe comes over 3 new stories: Jungle Emperor Leo, Crime and Punishment and The Phoenix to be discovered on polo shirts and tee-shirts as the first edition. 

LACOSTE LIVE X TEZUKA – Jungle Emperor Leo – Men’s T-shirt TH5126 © All rights reserved

Our favorites are the Jungle Emperor Leo collection.  The manga story is as follows:

Jungle Emperor Leo is a long Manga that depicts the relationship between humans and nature through the growth of Leo, a white lion raised by humans. 

In a jungle in Africa right on the equator there was a white lion, Panja, who was called the ‘Emperor of the Jungle’. But Panja is killed by a hunter. 

His wife, the Queen of Jungle, who has been caught by the hunter, gives birth to the son of Panja on a ship bringing them to a zoo. She names her son ‘Leo’ and has him escape from the ship, saying, ‘Go back to Africa and become the successor of your father’. Then a storm comes and the ship is overturned, and sinks with the Queen on it. 

Leo is washed up on the beach of a port town in the Arabian Peninsula, not Africa. Leo is found and looked after by a boy named Kenichi. A year later, Kenichi and Leo join an expedition to Mt. Moon, Africa’s ‘phantom mountain,’ in order to examine the veins of the ore of the ‘Moonlight Stone.’ 

Leo sees the African jungle for the first time in his life, and dislikes this barbaric world where killing is so common. But Leo soon regains his confidence, and establishes an animal kingdom to protect weak animals. Leo grows into a great emperor of the jungle.