The Moynat Petite Pauline  -
The Moynat Petite Pauline

MOYNAT is buzzing with excitement at the moment as it launches its petite ranges of the Réjane and Pauline, and we are lucky enough to be able to share a selection of images from the MOYNAT  Look Book with you!

The Moynat Petite Réjane  -
The Moynat Petite Réjane

The petite versions of the Réjane and Pauline are perfect miniatures of their ‘bigger’ parent, with all the attention to detail and luxurious leathers and hardware that we have come to expect of MOYNAT when it transforms Creative Director Ramesh Nair‘s designs into reality.  A perfect bijoux!

It takes over 2 days to make just one bag so capacity is limited, thus making very few units available….. lucky are those who’ll manage to get their hands on one of them! 

More exciting news is the latest initiative by the Maison the “Moynat Trunk Show” which will launch at Paris’ iconic luxury store Galeries Lafayette.

The Moynat Trunk Show “nomadic boutique”

The decision to launch this “nomadic boutique” , as President of Moynat Guillaume Davin described it,  at the Galeries Lafayette,  was inevitable due to the close ties between the iconic store and MOYNAT  both historically and geographically thanks to its presence in the Opera-Galeries Lafayette area, the birthplace of Moynat itself.
The Moynat Paradis in Red Croc

Guillaume Davin told us:

” The nomadic boutique will give us the opportunity to tell our story and showcase our savoir faire. In effect a “pop up trunk” of sorts,  it will stay at Galeries Lafayette for 6 months and then we will take it to another capital.”

The nomadic boutique takes the form of a gigantic transparent trunk created by the architect Gwanael Nicolas, balanced between design and tradition, the past and the future. 
It serves as a setting for the history of Moynat, but also as a backdrop for its most emblematic products, especially the handbags Pauline, Réjane and Quattro. 
The Moynat Réjane  -
The Moynat Réjane 
Inspired by the Moynat Limousine trunk whose rounded curves followed the shape of automobile roofs during the early part of the 20th century, the transparent Moynat trunk playfully evokes the contrast between the visible and the invisible.
The Moynat Limousine  -
The Moynat Limousine
Looks like a trip to Galeries Lafayette is definitely in order, and here’s hoping Moynat make an exception to their Capital rule and “pop up” by Geneva too where the Green Pebbles Girls would be first in line to welcome them!

The Moynat Cabotin  -
The Moynat Cabotin