Ottavio Missoni (11 February 1921 – 9 May 2013) with his wife Rosita
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A sportsman (a fine hurdler he participated in the 1948 Olympics), a fighter (he was in the Italian army at El Alamain and was made a prisoner of war for four years in Egypt) and a business man (he never considered himself a fashion person, and was once quoted as saying “Don’t ask me about fashion, I don’t understand it, I come from the world of knitting, and the same goes for my colleagues – I don’t know them well, I just say hello”) Ottavio Missoni founded his company with his wife Rosita in 1952.

Over the years Ottavio Missoni’s company dictated its own path in fashion with its patterns, geometrics and abstract florals, changing to meet fashion’s new desires yet never letting go of the essence of Missoni to produce clothes which provided a ‘timeless chic’.

These images are a testament to it:

Missoni 1970s
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Missoni 1971
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Missoni 1990
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Missoni 2003
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Missoni Prefall 2010
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Missoni Resort 2013
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