Hidden in the centre of Milan’s historical yet trendy streets is a young designer slowly making her mark in the world of fashion.

Created by innovative and ultra creative designer RAFFAELLA SPAMPANATO in 2005, the atelier has become a Mecca for those searching for a trendy quirky almost dandyesque look without giving up on impeccable tailoring.

Raffaella Spampanato

Described by many as ‘the boutique of ideas“,  LAMULA the atelier is a must for those looking to express their ‘independence’ through their clothing.

Aside from her own collection, Raffaella also creates bespoke looks for her faithful clients who turn to her for their most important occasions.

Raffaella’s background in the theatre and a degree in Scenography from famed Academia di Brera bring to her creations an incredible palette of colours, fabric combinations and ‘theatrics’ which make her creations one-of-a-kind.

Nowhere is this love for theatre more evident than with her hats.  

Once described as a modern “Mad Hatter” from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” Raffaella’s hats are expressions of her love of arts and her incredible fantasy as she moulds and textures fabrics to create headpieces which could stand on their own as works of art!

Incredibly modern, and designed with a strong, independent woman in mind LAMULA also offers a classic almost vintage style which brings home all the elegance and style of the 20s and 30s.  

Take a step back in time and be ready to be whisked off into the sophisticated world of art deco and theatre and be drawn into “Raffella Spampanato’s Wonderland” – you won’ regret it!


Via Alessi 2
Milan, Italy

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