Trust an Italian to totally transform the dutch wooden clog, and turn it into an item of fashion.

Well, this is exactly what Marcello Antonelli, founder of LIGNEAH a company based on the outskirts of Rome, Italy did.   Using a special laser which makes the usually fibrous and rigid surface of wood flexible enough to be applied to cotton fabric, the then ‘moulded’ it into a collection of original-looking shoes and handbags with all the comfort of leather but made of WOOD!

In addition to creating a product which will satisfy those seeking compassionate and vegan fashion, it is also incredibly eco-friendly.  Indeed, thanks to the brand’s partnership with Tree-Nation, for every product sold a tree is planted in an area susceptible to de-forestation.

Eco-packaging is a must for LIGNEAH and all products come in jute bags which will protect them from dust etc and all cardboard boxes used for the transport of the products are recycled.

All LIGNEAH products are Made in Italy!