Image from the Cover of Eco Fashion Book
 “Green is the New Black: How to Change the World with Style” by Tamsin Blanchard

Although we regularly try to feature brands which are working towards more sustainable fashion we are receiving requests from our readers to feature products and designers which can fulfil the definition of  ‘eco, sustainable and compassionate fashion’.

Heather Ligresti

We have therefore sought the guidance of US model and fashion expert Heather Ligresti.

Heather was one of the first (certainly in Europe) to embrace a more eco-friendly and animal friendly fashion and lifestyle.

Heather has recently published a beautiful book about her and her husband Gio’s experience in search of a lifestyle that guarantees a better world for all beings : “The Dawn of Awakening” 

Gio’ was born in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy and it was here that he met Calgary born fashion model Heather. 

Their union inspired them to explore levels of consciousness that brought them to experience a heightened Spiritual Awakening. 

This eventually led them to leave behind their life of high fashion, clubs, yachts, wealth, and photo shoots to begin their Spiritual Adventure.  

More information can be found on their website:

With Heather’s invaluable guidance and experience we will regularly feature either a designer or a product which we believe fulfils the ‘labels’ of eco, sustainable or compassionate.  

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