ALICIA TOMZAK was born in Poland where she trained initially and then moved to Ireland where she continued her studies at the famous Grafton Academy , where she honed her design and tailoring skills.

Alicia now works from her independent atelier in Dublin, Ireland where she creates her limited edition collections using only fine fabrics from Italy.

Alicia’s collections are made up mainly of easy-to-wear (and wear and wear) cocktail dresses, which despite a decidedly minimalist look are spiced up by dramatic collars, cuffs, large bows and frills.  The Green Pebbles Girls are particularly fond of the skirt of the dresses which is reminiscent of 1950s rock and roll full circle skirts, fun, playful yet also very sexy!

Black and white are at the forefront of the collection but a pistacchio green makes a bold entrance as well as red.

The strong design and minimalist feel of the dresses makes them particularly flexible in terms of accessorisingALICIA TOMZAK s dresses can be made to look completely different just by adding different genres of jewellery, shoes, hats or handbags!   The Green Pebbles Girls would have loads of fun dressing up and changing looks with ALICIA TOMZAK s dresses through intelligent accessorising.

If she isn’t already Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge,  whose ability to get away with wearing her dresses more than once has earned her brownie points with the Green Pebbles Girls and of course with the major Fashion Press, should definitely become a fan of the collection!  We are!