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It was slap bang in the mid 80s, and the Green Pebbles Girls (or at least a couple of them!) were young teen-agers looking at London as a fashion source inspiration.   The 1950s and 60s had made a major comeback with Brigitte Bardot look-alikes sprouting like mushrooms.  PATSY KENSIT was at the forefront  of the BB wannabes for sheer looks, style, sex-kitten appeal and girl-next-door looks, and the Green Pebbles Girls were fans!

Patsy Kensit first found success as the lead singer of pop group EIGHTH WONDER.  Reasonably successful throught Europe and Asia, their biggest success was their recording of Pop Gurus PET SHOP BOYS’ I’m not scared” – Patsy Kensit’s look was a hit, the bomber jacket becoming an absolute must with the girls!

Patsy Kensit’s breakthrough role in cinema was in the 1986 British Rock Musical film directed by Julian Temple, Absolute Beginners (which also featured David Bowie and Sade).

She went onto feature in several Hollywood films including Lethal Weapon II with Mel Gibson, and  other independent films.

The 1990s saw Patsy turning into a poster girl for Cool Britannia with then husband Liam Gallagher.

Today Patsy Kensit is a successful actress in UK soaps, but to us she remains the wonderful whimsical 80s style icon!

Cool Britannia
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The Cover of the Album containing I’m not Scared
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