LACOSTE L!VE has teamed up with renowned Japanese manga team Tezuka Productions to create an exclusive capsule collection of polos, T-shirts and footwear inspired by the cast of characters that populate Osamu Tezuka’s fabled comic series.

We love it and will definitely be buying several of them for a few of the Green Pebbles Gentlemen!  Particularly since aside from looking great it will also give us something to look at whilst they go on and on about the ref not seeing a foul or an offside!

That said we are also tempted to buy ourselves one  – the simple Lacoste polo top with the Astro Boy on the top left hand corner is fantastic ….. any chance LACOSTE L!VE will be doing it in pink too?

Lacoste L!VE Manga Collection
Lacoste L!VE Manga Collection

A Japanese cartoonist, manga artist, animator, producer, activist and medical doctor who never practiced medicine, Osamu Tezuka was best known as the creator of Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo (Kimba the White Lion) and Black Jack.

Osamu Tezuka’s prolific output, pioneering techniques and innovative redefinitions of genres has often earned him the name of ‘God of Manga’, or the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney.

Lacoste L!VE Manga Collection (our favorite Astroboy one on the right)
Lacoste L!VE Manga Collection

For the Spring/Summer 2013 capsule, Tezuka Productions turned to designer Hiroaki Ohya to realise the collabortaion, having turned to him in the past to launch “Astroboy by Ohya” in 1999.  Ohya-san chose three stories: The Mysterious Underground Man (flight), Astro Boy (transformation) and Black Jack (communication with nature). 

‘When I was asked to work on this collaboration, I immediately recalled of a quote from 201 Words That Help You to Open Up a Path to the Future, which Osamu Tezuka published in 2005’,‘Humans have had three dreams since the dawn of time. One is flight, another is transformation and the last is communicating with animals and nature’