Explosion of Mediterranean Colours at the Halaby Soirée Privée at La Muse Boutique Geneva

A usually quiet Geneva city centre was bubbling with excitement on Thursday night as the City’s fashionista’s, fashion press and bloggers turned out to attend the Soirée Privée held at luxury designer boutique LA MUSE  to celebrate the launch of the Halaby Spring Summer 2013 Handbag Collection.

The wonderful team at LA MUSE were on hand to welcome guests to the boutique with flutes of sparkling champagne and La Durée Macarons colour coordinated to match the vibrant mediterranean colours of the Halaby Spring Summer 2013 handbag collection.

All the colours of the Rainbow!
Halaby Soirée Privée at La Muse Boutique Geneva

The event, the first of its kind in once sleepy Geneva, was welcomed with open arms by the city’s fashion jet set as it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the collection and brand intimately,  as LA MUSE ‘s style advisors Cristina Hashimoto and Dominique Cormier described each bag in detail and gave us the history of the brand and the designer.

The Invitation!

The Green Pebbles Girls were not alone of course as other Swiss fashion editors and  luxury fashion bloggers such as the editor from Open Magazine who loved the boutique and Halaby, Ana Paula from Mundo Luxo, Cloé Biessy from Manifesto Diary and Tiphanie Pictet from Tiphanie’s Diary as well as the lovely Michela from Geneva Family Diaries always on the look out to recommend wonderful boutiques and brands to the ever growing and demanding expat community!

Limited edition HALABY LUCA in vintage fabric on show at La Muse and worn by Dona Wallin
(Fashionista and Seychelles Tourism Ambassador to Geneva)

The collection designed by Gilbert in his Rome atelier and Made in Italy (in traditional ateliers in Tuscany and Naples) is an explosion of mediterranean colour inspired by the architecture of Rome, never more so than Piazza delle Tartarughe “piazza Mattei” one of Gilbert’s favorites. The colours, the dimensions, the shape and the proportions of the square and it’s fountain enchant him. 

The 50s and Rome’s Dolce Vita play a large part in Gilbert’s work, with inspiration coming from movies, books and most of all the master designers of the 50s. 

Lebanon, his home country, of course holds a special place in his heart and this is evident in his work as the arabic ottoman and french influences have given Gilbert the great gift of a huge cultural package.

HALABY ALFA LINGOTTO by Dona Wallin(Fashionista and Seychelles Tourism Ambassador to Geneva)
(right) and the GIL worn by Mme. Nelly

Favorites of the evening included the HALABY Gil Golden totes, the Gil,  the Alfa Lingotto and a limited edition handbag crafted using vintage fabric called Luca. 

Halaby Soirée Privée at La Muse Boutique Geneva

The HALABY Alfa Lingotto clutch comes in two sizes and 3 colours, black, grey and white.

It is made of an extraordinary leather which is previously embossed with different pyramid shapes in different sizes.  The visual and tactile effect is incredible. 

The smaller sizes are perfect  to carry your essentials (and more) including iPhones, purses, make-up etc.  The larger sizes can fit your iPad and even an 13″ MacBook Air, making it the must-have clutch for any fashionista going to work or to a fashion event!

Its simple yet elegant and highly functional design are bound to make it a best seller – indeed Viola confirmed to us that the white Alfa Lingotto clutch and Luca Limited Edition have already sold out during the Soirée Privée and are now on a waiting list.

Looks like the Green Pebbles Girls will have to place their order soon too!

Dona Wallin wearing the GIL Golden
in Glacé leather @Halaby Soirée Privée
at La Muse Boutique Geneva

 The Green Pebbles Girls had their  personal favorites : the GIL and the GIL Golden.

The Gil which was created by  Gilbert Halaby for himself to carry all the documents, purses etc that he had, he wanted something that was light, functional and minimalist, yet at the same time elegant and fashionable.

The essence of the bag is its simplicity, the lack of the lining makes it lighter, and over time the leather softens and the feeling to the touch is amazing!

We loved the vibrancy of the colours, from fuscia to turquoise to pale yellow as well as more traditional black and beige.  It comes in a selection of different colours and leathers from the shiny luxurious glacé, to the incredibly soft smooth sauvage to the Birkin ‘togo-like’ martellata calfskin leather.

Fashionista and Seychelles Tourism Ambassador to Geneva Dona Wallin fell in love with the bi-colour GIL Golden in glacé calf skin leather with several luxurious gold straps which she described as a

“tote whose look can be changed simply by lowering some of the golden chains and letting them hang loose to add a bijoux feel, a perfect bag which I can transform from a bag for the day to a bag for the evening!


Viola Sekularac LA MUSE ‘ s director and the inspiration behind the event commented on Friday when we spoke to her to thank her for a wonderful evening:

The success of the event went beyond our wildest expectations.  Feedback from our clients and the Swiss press has been phenomenal, they loved the ambience and fell in love with Halaby’s collection and his design signature !  We can’t wait to introduce more limited edition pieces from Halaby over the coming months both in store and online, so watch this space!

For additional information please contact LA MUSE

Rue du Vieux-Collège 7
1204 Geneva

or visit the online boutique where Halaby will be available as of Wednesday 6th March 2013

Tel: +41 22 311 26 27