If like the Green Pebbles Girls you like a bit of industry gossip (and a few truths) from time to time, you will surely have visited the highly successful blog  Fashion Industry Confessions.  Written by an industry insider, it dug behind the scenes and pulled up a few uncomfortable truths every so often, as well as reporting some brilliant  ‘fly on the wall’ overheard conversations.

 Several weeks back we’d noticed that posts had stopped and with other bloggers we’d tried to find out why, of course rumours spread like wild fire that the ‘insider’ had been caught.

Today we visited the site and discovered that the insider’s cover had been blown and that the post on the 21st of February was going to be the last! 

Without an ounce of doubt a controversial blog, it was a welcome breath of fresh air in an industry where true opinions are often stifled, and where ads count more than the articles written in a magazine.  We will definitely miss it, for the fun factor, the often uncomfortable truths and to a certain extent the courage to go against the grain!