With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we have a super selection of Louboutin heels and handbags for St. Valentine’s chosen by Christian Louboutin himself.  From passionate reds and pinks to elegant gold and silver all the way to sequins and beads you’re bound to find a shoe that will make you feel like a Princess on the 14th!

The two heels which immediately struck us were the intricately beaded Fifi Strass and Sissi.  At 2,240 and 1,895 they really stand out from any other shoe, and if you are looking to make a grand entrace to an event these really are the shoes for you.

Louboutin Pumps- Heels Fifi Strass Green Pebbles Blog
available in the following Louboutin stores:  Grenelle; Saint Honoré; JJRousseau; Geneve 

available in the following Louboutin stores:  Saint Honoré & JJ Rousseau-Paris ; Rome; Geneva and Madrid

Incredibly elegant and classic yet with a Louboutin twist are the two Au Hammeau Strass in Gold and Silver (1,045).  Green Pebbles Gentleman Brent Markley had commented in his article after he’d visited the Louboutin Showroom in Paris during Paris Fashion Week last season that

 ” Integrating plastics into the shoes offers a stunning effect, especially with the Swarovski strass, making for a stunning look!”  

Now we know exactly what he meant!
available in the following Louboutin stores:  Saint Honoré 

available in the following Louboutin stores:
Grenelle; Saint Honoré; JJRousseau; Boutique Roma; Geneva ; E-Boutique  
pretty in pink look is also guaranteed as Mr. Louboutin has come up with a scrumptious selection of hot pink, pale pink and baby pink heels (see top of article) and handbags.  The patent pinks are rather delicious with the June Vernis Fluo Rose (  495  available from the online store) with a slightly shorter heel and the Flo 120 Patent Fluo with it’s super sexy heel ( 545), although the Green Pebbles Girls have a soft spot for the Pigalle Spikes 100 in Baby Pink  (795) available from Grenelle; Saint Honoré;  and Rome stores 

Farida Bowler Vernis Fluo
Price: 1,295
Availability: Geneve; Madrid; JJRousseau; Saint Honoré; Roma 
Pochette Riviera Vernis
Price: 795
Availability: Geneve; Saint Honoré; E-Boutique 

If on the other hand it’s a hot passionate red you are looking for then Christian Louboutin has chosen a sexy studded pair of heels in a luscious ruby red…… what more could you ask for on St. Valentine’s day.

Pigalle Spikes 100 Vernis
Price: 795
Availability: Grenelle; Saint Honoré; Roma; E-Boutique