Ocnarf Sairutsa – Linea Nera
In 2012,  Los Angeles based sisters Andrea Franco Asturias and Abstract Artist – Priscilla  founded Ocnarf Sairutsa.
The sisters believe that Crystals hold a powerful and mystical energy that connects us to the universe – their multi-cultural upbringing and travels around the world reflect in their eclectic and contemporary designs which are “Inspired by the beautiful creations of our universe that happens naturally”

They make all the beaded pieces by hand and use one-of-a-kind materials such as antique conch shell, tamarind wood, bone, lava and leather. The raw materials are then mixed with precious stone such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, making each piece truly unique and organically luxurious. 
Rock & Raw and Etnikä designs are created for Men and Women. The sisters specifically work with small family owned suppliers from around the world, in order to avoid mass production, and they have every piece custom made in Los Angeles. 

When using Yak Bone and Buffalo Bone in their styles, they make sure all the beads come from deceased animals to ensure no human or animal is harmed in the process

The stunning collections range from large diamond earrings to dainty rings, edgy diamond pins, bracelets and necklaces that are to be worn alone or stacked (we love them stacked!) and go from day to night.

Each jewelry pouch which is made specially for Ocnarf Sairutsa, is painstakingly and lovingly hand painted by Priscilla , adding to the craftsmanship and luxuriousness of the collections.
A rather wonderful St. Valentines Day Gift!  Don’t you think?

For additional information please contact the team at Ocnarf Sairutsa :