It was another eventful evening at Moynat, to say the very least.

Cameron Silver @Moynat
image via LA Times ©Ned Olivier 

Cameron Silver was special guest, where he graciously presented the new tome he penned “Decades: A Centuryof Fashion” in tribute to 100 years of fashion.

The title says it all, so no need to explain its contents nor its fabulous photography (no surprise knowing the mastermind behind it).
The master retailer of vintage couture, dressing celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Katie Hudson, Cameron was most out of the ordinary.

True to his word, “If it’s in fashion, it’s not fashion”, Cameron wore a long tailed cobalt blue tuxedo suit reminiscent of the 20’s and complimented by feather tipped slippers. I must say that memories of Liberace crossed my mind.

Intermingling with Cameron, you immediately are drawn to his warm smile, wittiness and personal approach. He genuinely makes you feel unique.  He was the perfect Beverly Hills gentlemen, with that perfect touch of non conformity.

Creative Director Ramesh Nair helps Dita Von Teese with the Moynat Réjane
as Moynat President Guillaume Davin looks on.
Confined behind a display almost the entire evening promoting his book, the crowd’s attention gradually veered away from Cameron and gravitated towards the burlesque diva Dita Von Teese, who graciously made her away around the boutique’s two floors.
Quiet, demure, appearing in a sophisticated, sexy 40’s look and wearing those to die for Louboutin stilettos (that I by the way wrote about in a previous post) Dita conveyed grace, yet a touch of melancholy.
A perfect fit with a bygone era of almost 70 years past.
Moynat was the perfect venue for such an event, as it too, just as Cameron and Dita, revisits decades past to inspire today. 
Moynat President Guillaume Davin gives Dita Von Teese a guided tour of the Moynat
store at 348 Rue Saint Honoré

Dita Von Teese admires a beautifully crafted Moynat handbag

Brent J. Markley


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