La Muse – Rue du Vièux-College, Geneva
image by James Vyn

The Green Pebbles Girls were delighted to find out today that one of their favorite designer boutiques in Geneva is  now online!

Ana Sekularac
image by Aurelien Bergot @ Whitebalance Studios Geneva

LA MUSE was a breath of fresh air when it opened its doors just over a year ago.  One of the biggest gripes many of the expats living in Geneva have is the fact that a seemingly international City that is Geneva is somewhat lacking when it comes to avant-garde high-end boutiques, so excitement was high when La Muse‘s director Viola Sekularac introduced what she has defined as “prêt-à-couture” to Geneva.

Nicholas Kirkwood Velvet Gold Pumps
image by James Vyn

Viola has created a soothing sight for fashion-sore eyes, as La Muse‘s inspiration is the love for beautifully designed and crafted garments and accessories.  The first thing that grabs your attention when you enter the boutique is not a huge overpowering chandelier, nor is it the bright lights or vividly coloured walls – au contraire!

Thanks to Viola’s minimalist decor (dark grey walls, a few simple runner rails, strategically positioned lamps, comfy sofas and a simple yet effective desk), the centre pieces of the boutique are in fact the carefully and lovingly selected collections.

Ana Sekularac
image by Aurelien Bergot @ Whitebalance Studios Geneva

What we also love about La Muse is the incredible customer service that Viola and her team give every client that enters the boutique.

Viola has been known to spend over 2 hours with one single client, getting to know them and guiding them through a luxurious sartorial experience as she explains history  behind each single garment, from the designer to the craftsmanship behind it.

Lara Bohinc Red Solaris Bag
image by James Vyn

La Muse’s e-commerce site will offer the same exciting, innovative collections as the boutique such as : Jennifer Behr, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jerome C Rousseau, Burak Uyan, Boudicca, Ana Sekularac as well as established brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, and Hudson.

The e-commerce site offers the same minimalist and clean ‘decor’ as the boutique, concentrating on the collections and offering a real insight into the brands’ and designers’ stories.

Nicholas Kirkwood Electric Blue Booties
image by James Vyn

Even more exciting is that the in-store sale has been extended to the online boutique!  

What more can a Green Pebbles Girl ask for?
image by Aurelien Bergot @ Whitebalance Studios Geneva