When in Rome one really ought to do as the Romans do, and nothing is more Roman than popping over to the Olympic Stadium (Stadio Olimpico) to watch the City’s team  A.S. ROMA play one of the other Serie A teams.  If you are not really a football fan we are sure these names will be familiar to you “TOTTI” and “DE ROSSI”

Building of the Stadium started in 1932 and has evolved over the years, and it is probably most of the most beautiful stadiums in Italy in a rather perfect location not far from the River Tiber and just below the luxurious Monte Mario.  When it is lit up at night for the evening matches it is absolutely mesmerising!

Stadio Olimpico by Night

Getting to the Stadium can be an interesting adventure as the traffic in Rome increases ten-fold and finding a parking space becomes a battle of wits, often ending up with one having to park several miles away from the Stadium – which is not necessarily a bad thing as it will allow you to really embrace and soak in the ‘passion’ and touch of madness surrounding the match, as well as take in the sight of the tifosi chanting on their way to the stadium.

Curva Sud – Olympic Stadium in Roma
image via La Roma News

There is of course a dress code of sorts, well what did you expect – it is Italy afterall – and any old look just won’t do!  Particularly if you are a TIFOSA (a female fan).  Aside from the usual ‘tifosa’ regalia: AS Roma t-shirt (worn at least a size too small for a snug fit) one should also wear a trendy A.S. Roma sweatshirt – just in case it is a bit colder.  A pair of designer jeans are a must, we have chosen a pair of stunning HUDSON JEANS for our look, and a pair of comfortable yet trendy HOGAN trainers.

Hair is of course perfectly blow-dried, yet partially hidden under a team baseball cap, and makeup immaculate (you never know when a TV camera might do a close up!). Add to that a MONCLER puffa jacket in a strong bold colour, a LOUIS VUITTON handbag, and of course a CLIPA handbag hanger which you will need to keep your handbag from being trampled on and the look is almost complete.

The final touch is of course the AS Roma scarf – which will throughout the game come in useful not just as a way of keeping warm but as part of the ‘tifosi’ choreography.

You are now ready to enter the Stadio Olimpico dressed the part.  Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the most impressive choreography to have graced a stadium, non stop singing and support for the team, and for the next couple of hours enjoy the feeling of belonging to a much larger family than you ever could have imagined belonging to.

Former Roma football player and now international star coach Ancellotti once described AS ROMA as Magica (or as the romans say ‘Maggica’) – magic.  Well, when you are in the middle of all that choreography you’d have to agree!