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The Green Pebbles Girls took a world deserved break over Christmas and the New Year.  We popped over to the Eternal City to soak up the history, culture, food… and of course shopping!

Rome offers a varied shopping experience, from the most exclusive stores to tiny boutiques where a local artisan still works his/her magic on leathers and fabrics alike.

Via Condotti, Rome Italy

The most exclusive stores are of course on the rather marvellous Via Condotti.  A stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna as you walk down the street you will be drawn into a world of luxurious jewellery and fashion.

Bulgari – Via Condotti, Rome Italy

Indeed Via Condotti is home to BULGARI which opened its atelier there in 1905, as well as  ArmaniHermèsCartierLouis VuittonFendiGucciPradaDolce & Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo.  A walk down Via Condotti is de rigeur… as is popping into at least a couple of the designer stores and coming out with a luxury bag.  

Rome is also made up of many other less touristy streets, a walk through Campo dei Fiori famous for its market (as well as all the restaurants surrounding it) will eventually take you through to many minor streets from Via dei Giubbonari (the road of the ‘jacket makers’) which offers a huge selection of stores (particularly leather goods) through to Via dei Chiavari ( the road of the key makers) which used to house many ‘jeans makers’ throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s and today you will find a couple of stores stacked with jeans all the way up to the ceiling – jeans lovers heaven.  

Via dei Giubbonari

Via dei Chiavari is also home to the famous Roscioli bakery.  Their Pizza al taglio (Pizza by the cut)  is world famous….thin crispy, with the freshest tomatoes you ever will have tasted!  Definitely worth a trip.  

Roscioli – Via dei Chiavari, Rome, Italy

If standing up eating your lunch is not what you’re into and you want to sit down and relax then we would suggest you try popping into Alfredo, just around the corner in Piazza Augusto Imperatore where you’ll taste the finest fettucine in Rome!

Rome offers a lot more than meets the eye in terms of fashion.  Each little street will surprise you with a wonderful boutique where you are bound to find something different.  So make sure you enjoy your stay in Rome.  When in Rome do as Romans do, take your time to enjoy life and stroll down the streets of the Eternal City….. you won’t regret it!