The Green Pebbles Girls, despite their rather boisterous nature (not to mention their soccer mum duties) are fans of fine style and elegance and this also extends to matters such as manners and etiquette or as the french (or our Genevan neighbours for that matter)  would say ‘Bon Ton’.

We’ve come to appreciate the gorgeous Giorgia Fantin Borghi who has a huge following in her native Italy and who we believe offers sound easy to follow advice on every day ‘etiquette queries’.  With two published books “Donne con un diavolo per capello. Sopravvivere alle crisi di nervi di ogni giorno mantenendo messa in piega e bon ton, “Un Matrimonio da Sogno” a much loved blog (La Quinta Fetta di Torta), and many appearances on TV as an etiquette and wedding planning expert, Giorgia finally has her own show on SKY.

We thought we’d share her ‘Bon Ton’ tips with you with a clip of the show and of course a translation.

Giorgia helps a viewer set the dinner table for  a very fussy mother-in-law.
Rule 1)  The table cloth doesn’t have to be particularly elaborate, a simple one will do as long as it is properly ironed…. so get those irons out – creases are a big no no!
Rule 2) Underplates – aside from providing a touch of style and colour to the table, it also defines the guests’ space.  They can be of any colour and of any material, but they should have an elegant shape – and of course be large enough.
Rule 3) Cutlery: Forks are (ça va sans dire) to be placed on the left of the plate and used from the outside in…. 3 forks are to be used (antipasto, first course and second course).  The left hand side of the plate will see the following (from left to right) : meat knife, fish knife (the blade MUST be facing the plate!) soup/potage spoon…. and if you really want to impress your mother-in-law you could even add an oyster fork!
Happy table setting!
Giorgia Fantin Borghi’s Latest Book