Manolo Blahnik, winner of the BFA Outstanding Achievement for 2012,  was provided with an open brief and a blank canvas by the British Fashion Council to bring the concept and creative from his world to be the backdrop of London Fashion Week. 
Inspired by his personal career, the illustration sets the scene of Manolo with key industry figures who have been a special influence in his life and career.

 “English women and their style inspire me tremendously. This series of drawings represents some of the figures I adore and who have influenced my life and work. I like extreme girls and the combination of the poise, the grandeur and the beauty of English women.” – Manolo Blahnik CBE Create

The exclusive imagery for the campaign and on site marketing material for February 2013 showcase. The imagery will be used all across all print, marketing, digital and social media platforms for London Fashion Week AW 13.

“We are so pleased to be collaborating with Manolo Blahnik, our BFA Outstanding Achievement winner for 2012 in this capacity. Manolo’s sketches are world famous and it will be both great fun and inspirational to see these displayed across London Fashion Week  in February 2013.“  Caroline Rush, Chief Executive British Fashion Council