Victoria Beckham

Those Victoria Beckham fans who tried to visit the site today will have encountered a rather unfamiliar site.  Indeed, whilst until today the website served as an online look book for the brand’s collections today it was replaced by a holding page  asking consumers to sign up for brand updates, as well as notification as to when e-commerce in the U.S., U.K. and Europe will launch.

This is just the beginning, as Victoria Beckham  gears up to unveil a digital overhaul of her site this spring, which will include e-commerce for her accessories, eyewear, denim and Victoria Victoria Beckham line

The new site, created by King & Partners, will be powered by the agency’s proprietary Sellect e-commerce platform — and house branded content that users can share via social media. 

“For us, this is the first step toward creating our own store environment. There are obviously already some fantastic digital stores in place so the bar to entry is very high. But we feel that we’ve learned a lot from the market and that we are bringing our take on what we believe is ultimately all about customer experience,” said Victoria Beckham chief executive officer Zach Duane.

image via Grazia Daily