Touch Screen Friendly Gloves – TATCHIES available from LEMON & MINT

There you are sitting in a lovely park enjoying the autumn/winter scenery when your iphone rings…. you pull it out of your pocket and then spend the next minute or so frantically pulling off your glove because as you all know gloves and iphones  – or iPads for that matter – don’t go together.

So with one hand turning blue as the cold finally gets to it, all you wish for is for someone would finally come up with a pair of gloves that would actually work with your iPhone and iPad and any touch screen for that matter…. we’ve got to the moon  – surely we can sort something like a pair of touchscreen loving gloves!

Well……. looks like TATCHIES finally have done it!

Created by Swedish-born Nazanin Binisi TATCHIES are a normal pair of gloves except the finger tip is simply made of conductive thread – a technique developed for TATCHIES – leading some of the heat of your finger in order to be able to operate a touchscreen through the fabric.

Gone are the days when you had to choose between answering a phone call or risk your hand freezing off!

Instead of buying that usual pair of gloves as a Christmas present this year buy a pair of gloves that will actually make a difference to the receiver’s life – and save a few fingers from frost bite!

Available from the fabulous swiss-based online concept store LEMON & MINT