ANYA SUSHKO  has always been known for her luxury hand crafted classic bags with a twist – this time she has taken it a step further with her 2013 Collection inspired by the Union Jack and HOT PINK!

The inspiration comes from ANYA SUSHKO s love for her adoptive city – London, which she says inspires her every day through its vibrant fast paced lifestyle.

The architecture of the city, London’s Underground and of course the Square Mile have all contributed to this collection’s creation.  From the shapes, to the functionality to the colours – the bags are truly Made in London.

Each bag is handcrafted in ANYA SUSHKO ‘s  central London atelier in trendy Islington, using only the finest Italian leathers which designer Anya Sushko chooses herself to make sure they are just the right colour and texture.

To find out more contact Anya Sushko’s Customer Service Team or visit the new website

Anya Sushko Gem (2013 Collection)

Anya Sushko Purse (2013 Collection)

Anya Sushko Modern Extravaganza Pink Passion (2013 Collection)