We thought we’d share the beautiful and thoughtful Halloween Wishes the team from MOYNAT sent the Green Pebbles Girls & Gentlemen.

We love it!  It captures the essence of Halloween as well as a touch of ‘Harry Potterness” with the steam train (although we think it probably relates to Moynat’s tradition of trunk making more than Harry Potter – but we are Potter fans so bear with us on this point :-))

Can you make out which of Moynat’s fabulous luxury handmade bags the flying ‘bag-bats’ are?  If you can’t,  you really ought to stroll down to 348 Rue Saint Honoré in Paris to have a look at (or to treat yourself to) one of Moynat Creative Director Ramesh Nair’s masterpieces at the incredible Moynat store which Green Pebbles Gentleman Brent Markley visited during Paris Fashion Week (read more here)!

Once you’ve encountered a Moynat bag you’ll never forget it!