An inner court yard entrance on Rue Sant Honoré, calm and modern and a mesmerising olfactory experience in the showroom lit by tropical scented candles was just the beginning of my Press appointment at SWAROVSKI‘s showroom.  

I was welcomed by a Green Pebbles friend, the delightful Mira from PRfact, and by Swarovski’s equally delightful Nadine who led me down a red carpet to where the creations were on display.

This season Swarovski offers a bolder approach to woman with the tropical collection . There are quite a few larger pieces which lend themselves perfectly to the mysterious and more statement making woman with a Western stature. Petites are also guaranteed to find their heart’s desire for more refined and discrete pieces, thanks to the smaller jeweled necklaces and bracelets.

The Tropical Paradise Creations start as a trip to Brazil, coming up through Mexico and ending in Miami. They revolve around exotic nature: insects, (beetles..), birds, flamingos, orchids..and even skulls (which I personally thought were the hippest part of the collection).

Swarovski uses a rather varied collection of materials crystals (of course), some rose golds, combos of leather, metal chains, resins, cotton cords.

The collection features pieces that are detachable and can make separate pieces (a Van Cleef & Arpels inspiration one wonders) and which are prominent in the Brazil and Miami inspired pieces.

Tropical and Mexican/Inca have clearly been source of inspiration for this collection: emerald greens and shades of, fuscias, turquoise, silvers, shades of red (and some rose gold). The Brazilian pieces were the most colorful, whereas the Mexican ones were more turquoise and silverish and the Miami ones were more art deco cold colors (blacks, whites, grays, silvers).

The details of the collection are impressive from the pointage, faceting, pavé settings combined with metal chains, cords, etc. to the large settings that make for extravagance, often seen in Brazil and Miami.

The strongest pieces of this collection in my opinion are without doubt the Moonshine ring and pendant.  The pendant is a very impressive piece, with the detachable chain link adding just the needed touch of feminine modernity and mysteriousness! Without forgetting the fabulous Tangara necklace.

A rather interesting touch and one that I believe will appeal to one’s sense is that many pieces in the collection have been integrated into smaller, “fun” pieces, like charms, small bracelets etc.

Of course there was more than just the jewellery , Men’s (objects, watches, iphone chargers, necklaces..) + women’s watches, sunglasses also caught my eye!

Watches are both automatic and quartz.  Automatic have ETA movements and are manufactured in Switzerland Overall color scheme was black, silver and rose gold (new for men’s) and skulls.  I loved the whole dark theme to it!  

I particularly liked the men’s black steel watch – very sharp, discrete but at the same time, statement making. A man wearing this with a suit can of course come across as elegant, and.. at the same time signal that he has a darker side to him worth exploring after office hours.

A particularly beautiful watch has to be the rose gold watch as it integrates Swarovski gems on a rotating cadran.  The most original watch of the women’s collection. 

All in all this collection is a refreshing veer from Swarovski’s traditional lines. It adds a much needed breath of newness and cheer to an era of European austerity!

Brent J. Markley


Brent J. Markley from Paris for Green Pebbles Blog