VALEXTRA’s TAMMY REGINA in Pergamena White

After three years of studies and tests: The “Regina Interlace”, a new ornamental motif, is born!  

VALEXTRA’s X Factor comes to life and brings with it an instantly recognizable feature which many VALEXTRA fans have been waiting for.

The result of intense design work and authentic haute couture craftsmanship, which we have become accustomed to from VALEXTRA. The symbol which in the words of the Maison is , 

“destined to set the foundations of future collections”

Precious and luminous like a jewel, the “Regina Interlace” was conceived from the union of noble metal links intertwined with leather bands, which have been crafted in the traditional and unmistakable fashion that Valextra is distinguished for.

Each single metal link, modelled on the fusion of the most characteristic letters of the Maison’s name VALEXTRA, the “V” and the “X”, are artisanally handcrafted using jeweller techniques, in ancient Florentine laboratories. These precious artefacts are thereafter coupled together by special joints that have been individually hand wrapped, with the same soft leather as the coloured strips that form and flawlessly complete the entire “Regina Interlace.”

VALEXTRA DADA bag in Cannetta & Muschio

This new and exceptional ornamental element has been designed to enhance the uniqueness and purity of the contours of each VALEXTRA bag, in the form of both a shoulder strap and handle.

“An emblem of this new collection, dedicated to women who can recognise and love beauty in its purest form, and that, as with any art form, can sense spontaneous emotions. “
Some ‘VALEXTRA purists’ were afraid that this would mean an end to the anti-bling bling and elegant anonimity the brand always stood for, but this feature in fact only enhances the classic elegant lines VALEXTRA is known for and the exquisite craftsmanship that comes out of their atelier in the North of Italy, whilst also ensuring the bags are instantly recognisable – a must for any brand in today’s ever more competitive luxury market.  

An excellent compromise in our opinion!

The Spring Summer 2013 features some stunning new designs.
The VALEXTRA DADA day bag with a new and almost unconventional form, reminds us of the shape of a die with soft mouldings and enhanced by the ‘costa’ lacquered piping finish.  It is further embellished by the Regina Interlace.  It comes in three different versions, the shoulder strap, the double handle shoulder and the simple arm handle.
VALEXTRA DADA in Pergamena White
The VALEXTRA “TAMMY REGINA”, a new addition to VALEXTRA, is the true jewel of this collection. With a harmonious mix of the “Regina Strap” and the unmistakably pure lines of the “Tammy Bag”, this new adaptation has been revisited in proportions and volumes: An in-depth research into the creation of a precious jewel piece, whilst retaining the luxury discretion that Valextra is renowned for.

The bag may also be used as a clutch, thanks to the unique metal clasps, which glisten and adorn the piece with sheer elegance.


An incredibly elegant bag which takes us back to the refined elegance of Hollywood 50s is the aptly named ELIZABETH.  It embraces the “Regina Interlace” impeccably combined with sharp and extremely elegant contours, the focal point of this piece.

It comes in a mini version, with shoulder strap for elegant soirées and medium version with handle, for all momentous occasions, 

VALEXTRA’s Large ELIZABETH in Pergamena White

The new DISCO bag is one of  two new additions of the best-selling ‘75’ line, presented in the A/W 2012-13 collection to celebrate the seventy-fifth Anniversary since the founding of  VALEXTRA: created as a must-have accessory for all recreational activities. 

Embellished with the precious “Regina Interlace”, it transforms into a long witty gem.  It comes in two sizes where the largest size (which functions as a fabulous shoulder bag) is called ‘CLUB.

VALEXTRA’s 75 DISCO in Muschio Green, Pergamena White and Cannetta
 Of course all these bags are available in a palette of all 25 Valextra colours. 

VALEXTRA Bracelets

Valextra Invitation to The SS2013 Press Day