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As you might have already noticed luxury and bespoke works have always been a favorite of the Green Pebbles Girls, and we often go out of our way to showcase emerging and established designers and brands who we believe can offer a real difference and provide what in our minds is true luxury: 

exquisite craftsmanship, innovation and exclusivity

As we were lucky enough to walk the streets of Paris enjoying the sights, the fashion and the general ambiance the city has to offer,  (as well as rushing to press days – watch this space for great images) we realised what it is that makes Paris the Capital of Luxury and Fashion.
Luxury Macarons – Ladurée Paris
The city of Paris exudes luxury and ultimate decadence, from the buildings, to the furnishings, the fashion maisons, the streets and even their macarons. 
Everything around us screams out style and elegance.

Luxury and Haute Couture find their home in Paris because they belong here like no where else in the world, and it is no surprise to us that even “aprés moi, le déluge” Il Maestro Valentino who set up his Head Office just around the corner from the Spanish steps in Rome, made Paris his home.  

CHANEL Place Vendôme, Paris
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If you are ever in any doubt that Paris is the fashion and luxury capital of the world, take a walk down Rue Faubourg Saint Honorè, Rue Royale and Place Vendôme …… be prepared to be drawn into world of pure luxury.

What we’ve always found incredible is the ‘apparent ease’ with which all this elegance and style is achieved, it nothing is forced.

A refined Renaissance author Castiglione would have described it as ‘sprezzatura’ in his ‘guidebook’ for Courtiers (Il Cortigiano).  The ability to appear to do something complex with effortless ease, it is as if they are born with the knowledge, whilst in reality the achievement of perfection is reached through minute study down to the smallest detail, intense practice and devotion to the cause for ‘the search of perfection’ .

Centuries of this study, practice and tradition has resulted in what Paris is today, the centre of the luxury and fashion universe.   

Nothing is rushed and everything has its raison d’être until the ultimate goal is reached, PERFECTION –   proof, if one needed it, that Time is in fact Luxury.
Helen Lambert
Founder 0f Lambert & Associates

It is with this in mind that we thought we would share a film by LAMBERT & ASSOCIATES.

The film features Helen Lambert, founder of Lambert & Associates the finest and most renown Trend Spotter and Luxury Buying Office worldwide (Paris, London, New York, Milan and Florence),  as she travels through the finest streets in Paris to her office to meet with three amazing brands SANJA SPAHR, MAISON LESAGE and ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER.

A tribute to the creation and talent on one hand, the film is also a tribute to the French “Savoir faire” which according to Helen Lambert ensures Paris is the ultimate global fashion capital.