ETRO certainly wanted us to know that Spring had arrived as far as they were concerned as the runway was adorned by a huge fresco of painted flowers, although we had an inkling of this when our invitation to the show arrived!

It was clear to us, however as soon as the show commenced that we had just entered ETRO’s Oriental Garden of Eden!

Green Pebbles Girl Sabrina Gambato with Italian Actor Aron Marzetti and Angelica Trani

Etro SS 2013 Runway Show in Milan

As the models started to flow down the runway, we could only look in awe and amazement at the painstakingly hand-painted prints of birds of Paradise, Butterflies and flamingoes (Etro’s stance against digital prints was clear for all to see), on evening wear and daywear.

Etro’s Luxurious Hand-Painted Quilted Kimono Inspired Jacket

The Oriental influence through richly feminine Orientalist paintings’ and ‘Japanese vase prints’  on designer Veronica Etro was evident, as we admired a modern and luxurious take on the quilted kimono, trousers which were clearly styled on the concept of the wide-legged cropped judo trousers and of course the flowing and incredibly soft pyjama-style suits.

ETRO has certainly made it’s mark on this year’s Milan Fashion Week!

Judo inspired Jacket and Belt!
‘Judo’ Cropped Trousers & Jacket inspired

images courtesy of Angelica Trani

 Sabrina Gambato for Green Pebbles