The Much Coveted Invitation!
Waiting for the KRIZIA Runway Show to Begin in Milan

The Green Pebbles Girls can count themselves particularly lucky as we were invited to attend KRIZIA’s Spring Summer 2013 runway show in the heart of Milan!  I was escorted by Italian actor and presenter ARON MARZETTI and photographer MICHELA BRESCIANINI, making the event that much more special!
KRIZIA Runway Show
In keeping with the colonial mood Krizia offered it’s fans camouflage and animal prints of flowing silk, embroidered ovalblack and white discs which were so ‘light’ they looked like feathers at first glance!  
Panthers peering through a small tear  in a knitted dress was immediately concealed,  to be followed by pumas, pythons and crocodile.  
The jungle theme was also evident in the embroidered toucans adding spectacular colour to evening shorts.
The Krizia classic plissé is revisited in the form of short, light tunics.  Transparent sleeves and square windows ensure the soft and flowing lines so typical of Krizia, while subtle transparencies lighten the stripes on cardigans.  
Inverted pleats on skirts and cover deep splits are almost all below the knee, with the exception of the odd mini-dress.  
Behind the Scenes at KRIZIA

Natural cottons, linen canvases cady, crèpe silk and satins, organzas and meshes tulle, chamois and leather in natural shades ivory sand ecru to burnt tones, earth coffe cocoa to a tuareg blue, aquamarine, black and white, white to a total black.
A rebirth for Krizia as Mrs. Mariuccia Mandelli offers us a subtle woman, relaxed yet sublimely feminine, sexy in her simplicity, ethereal and sexy.  A simply beautiful and sophisticated collection that we fell in love with!

Lucky Aron Marzetti meets Mrs. Mariuccia Mandelli
KRIZIA My Favorite!
Aron Marzetti and Michela Brescianini Behind the Scenes at KRIZIA

Aron Marzetti is stopped by the Paparazzi – it’s Milan after all!
 Sabrina Gambato for Green Pebbles