Vogue Fashions Night Out Posters Cover Milan!

The Green Pebbles Girls were there of course to witness this landmark event in Milan Fashion History.

We were immediately greeted by signs from the motorway kindly informing us that Via Montenapoleone, Milan’s fashion street par excellence had been shut to traffic a clear sign that Vogue had organised things in Grand style!

Posters had been placed all over the City centre inviting everyone to join this annual international shopping event that is VOGUE’S FASHION NIGHT OUT  (brainchild of Vogue’s Anna Wintour and now in its fourth year).  The aim of the event is to help kickstart the ecomomy and has involved hundreds of retailers around the world from the US to Europe to Australia joining in this after hours shopping extravaganza!  Obviously Italy’s Fashion Capital could not miss out and hundreds of retailers joined in!

The streets around Via Montenapoleone were buzzing and crowds this huge hadn’t been seen since Italy won the World Cup in 2006 (yes the Green Pebbles Girls were there too wearing their Tricolore with style!).

A true success story and proof in our minds that contrary to popular belief Milan still loves Fashion and Fashion still loves Milan!

Via Montenapoleone Closed for The Event!

The Gift Bags from Comfort Zone 

Stella McCartney

Miss Blumarine

Sabrina Gambato for Green Pebbles