image via Trendfashions.net

Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin has won the long standing battle against Yves Saint Laurent in US courts to trademark the Louboutin distinctive ‘red-soles’.

Louboutin issued a press statement yesterday evening:

In response to today’s decision of the Court of Appeals of the 2nd Circuit, New York, in the matter opposing Christian Louboutin vs YSL, the company wishes to issue the following statement:

“We welcome the decision of the Court of Appeals and will study today’s ruling at great length. We are extremely pleased and gratified that the Appellate Court found our key arguments to be correct: first that color can and does serve as a trademark in the fashion industry, and that Christian Louboutin’s world famous Red Sole trademark is valid, protectable and enforceable.

As we have said throughout these proceedings and we reiterate now, especially in the light of this decision, we will continue to take all steps available to protect our trademark.”


We wait to see how it all unfolds as YSL is adamant to continue to “produce monochromatic shoes with red sole”………