It’s that time of year for those Green Pebbles Girls with little (and not so little) ones.  School has started and with that so has the ‘school run’!  For those who are not in the ‘school run mum club’ this usually involves getting all the kids ready for school, screaming ‘we’re late we’re late we’re late’, throwing everything into the car (kids included!) and then a mad rush (traffic permitting) to get to school on time.  

Finally at school, as the kids get their school bags etc,  one has the time to look in the mirror as well as realise what one is wearing:  which unfortunately more often than not is not particularly flattering!  So it is hardly surprising that most morning run mums literally ‘run’ their kids into their classes, say their swift goodbyes and then hope that no other mum has recognised them in their mismatched tight fitting lycra jogging shorts and crumpled top!
It goes without saying that ‘looking good’ hardly makes the top ten list on a ‘school morning run’, so the Green Pebbles Girls are here to give a helping hand!
Every week we will come up with a ‘school run look’ which we hope will help in the dress department!
This is, this week’s.
Rather fab twisted crisp white shirt from Craig Taylor (available from Neiman Marcus), covers any bulges and does a lot for the waist.  Easy to wear Bootzee denim from Diesel, this year denim is particularly ‘in’.  Cute little ballerina’s from our friends at Pinucci in London.  The Anya Sushko Pocket bag – an absolute favorite with the Green Pebbles Girls who happen to be busy mums because it really does have a pocket for everything… including keys and a carefully positioned one on the back for those pesky little car park tickets which always get lost!  Just in case it’s a rather early morning school run, Purest‘s cashmere scarves are a perfect solution… wear one around your neck if you are a bit cold… and tie it to your bag when you are not using it if the weather improves during the day.  Finally try your luck with the Cruciani 4 Leaf Clover bracelet – any italian fashionista will be seen wearing one of these so why not a trendy school run mum (not to mention luck is a major requirement when looking for parking on the school run!